AO_007 Notice

The groove on a lathe cut is EMBOSSED, not CUT, so it is not as deep a groove. This does not affect audio quality, but it does mean that a record player with a damaged or worn-out stylus will tend to skate, and will not work for our records. Also, occasionally your stylus will land BETWEEN the grooves, resulting in a strange, distorted playback. In this case (maybe 1 in 10 times you drop the needle) simply lift the tone arm, and drop it again in a slightly different position, or just gently nudge the stylus. You will hear the needle drop into the groove, and the audio will sound crystal clear.

The audio on a lathe cut disk is in MONO, to the standards of late 50's recording practices. This difference means that although it will play very well on a modern stereo record player, it is about 6db quieter, and you will have to use that stereo of yours, and turn up the volume a bit!

There is more 'noise' than a modern LP, the pops and crackles will be audible, even when your record is brand new.

Unlike dub plates, lacquers, flexi-disks, and many lathe-cuts, our lathe cut disks will NOT wear out with use any faster then a vinyl record.

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